Self Portrait

  Thank you for stopping by!  In case you were wondering, Falando means “to speak” or “to talk” in Portuguese. Once you get to know me you will soon find out that I am a laidback, coffee drinking introvert who loves to be behind the camera. My photographic vision is to document your special moment, to create beautiful and compelling images that either tell a story or impress you to stare at them in amazement. As a photographer I want to encourage my viewers and clients to appreciate life from any angle no matter the circumstances or situations.  I believe in the blessings afforded to us in the simple things and it’s those things that I personally find to be most valuable.

Being a husband and father are some of the greatest privileges that I am blessed with and it means everything to me to be able to capture life with my family.

I truly appreciate you for checking out my website. Enjoy!

Personal work