Tips & Advice

A few things to consider when preparing for your photo session:
The first thing that I want you to do to prepare for your photo shoot is to relax. Literally, take a deep breath, ease any nervousness you may have and be positive. Arriving on location as de-stressed as possible will help things go smoothly and will make for the best photos.
Second.  When deciding what to wear for your session, try to stay away from extravagant  designs, patterns or texts that scream its about the clothing instead of the person in them. Unless your shoot is meant for fashion, or is a product related shoot, these elements take the attention away from you, to what you are wearing. Think of it as simplification to keep the focus of the scene- you. General rule of thumb is no more than 1-3 colors in your outfit scheme. You may wear more than 3, just keep in mind, the more colors you wear, the more potential for distracting elements in the scene. However, personal style is key, so dress to impress! Make sure your clothing fits, buttons/zippers aren’t missing, and most importantly, make sure its comfortable. Ladies, bring a pair of walking shoes if you plan to wear heels for your shoot.
Third.  During the photo shoot, feel free to bring a prop or personal item that you may want to use in your photos. This is something that gives more details about who you are, such as a hat, small musical instrument, books, a journal, music—there is no limit (within reason) to what you can bring. Once again, personal style reveals who you are.  We want to have fun and enjoy the process of making photos.